Things my children argued about this week

Published September 19, 2013 by Ellie

Whether or not …

… the youngest one had ever smelled cat food before. (she has)

… the food in the school cafeteria was gross. (it’s fairly standard school food)

… it was possible to play with your Lego without using your right arm at all. (technically yes, but it would be a challenge)

… it is offensive to check out the same book as your sister from the library. (no, but only because rules of ownership and sharing are fluid and assuming she can borrow it from you will cause an argument)

… there is a legitimate reason to stare at your sister with your mouth open after she drops a cup on the kitchen floor. (not really, but who wouldn’t)

… it is possible to walk down the wooden stairs in a way that doesn’t make them creak. (not our stairs, they creak when we think about them)

… calling your sister a butthead is a fact or an opinion (it is a fact that you have the opinion that she is a butthead)

I truly try not to get involved, purely because I have not yet managed to unpick the many layers of the argument onion and find out what started the whole tear-inducing mess. I encourage them to find a compromise, or figure out the right choice, but it’s really fucking hard, especially when they both agree on CLEARLY the wrong answer.


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