Sheep and Wool Festival – Rhinebeck

Published November 17, 2013 by Ellie

Do you have ANY idea how amazing it is for someone like me to have the opportunity to go to an event like this?? Behold the amazing!!!


IMG_20131019_132825_820 IMG_20131019_140534_831 IMG_20131019_121054_332 IMG_20131019_115923_165 IMG_20131019_112805_672 IMG_20131020_150627_946 IMG_20131019_121019_758 IMG_20131019_112535_056 IMG_20131019_115353_025 IMG_20131019_142500_694 IMG_20131019_112542_570 IMG_20131019_115438_940

Needless to say, this was my first exposure to American festival food, and being there with adults who didn’t need my supervision meant I could eat whatever and whenever I wanted… bliss. Carb-loaded, high-cholesterol, sugar-stuffed bliss.

Oh and there was wool and all that shit there too…

IMG_20131019_114634_383 IMG_20131020_154723_442 IMG_20131019_114612_272 IMG_20131020_154349_214 IMG_20131020_125738_969 IMG_20131020_153435_484 IMG_20131019_130513_350 IMG_20131019_131229_961 IMG_20131020_164822_741 IMG_20131019_131309_324 IMG_20131020_164829_810 IMG_20131020_154249_112 IMG_20131019_130252_617 IMG_20131019_114622_552 IMG_20131019_130153_092


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