Yarns that get all up in my face: Part 1

Published April 28, 2014 by Ellie

Lion Brand Wool Ease. Make the jump for details…


Seriously, I love you, you are really soft, and feckin AWESOME value for money, you don’t feel like you have 80% acrylic in your squishy little fibres. But get the heck out of my mucous membranes please!! I can vaguely tolerate a bit of shedding on my favourite black jersey tunic, but for the love of plarn, would you STOP with the airborne particles?!

Still not as bad as my year of hell building the Cheri in Rowan Cocoon, seriously, I am amazed that stuff actually held together seeing as it was composed entirely of tarantula hairs and fur left on a crazy cat lady lunch. But it is calling into question whether I can bear to knit with animal hairs for much longer.

Cotton and bamboo are the future.


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