Gifts for a knitter

Published December 1, 2014 by Ellie

Got a knitter in your life? Don’t buy her yarn or needles, buy her some of this stuff instead. And yes, I said ‘her’, because 99.5% of knitters are women, HOWEVER, none of the things I’m about to suggest require a vagina to be effective, so if you’re buying for your freak of a male knitter, he’ll also get a kick out of this stuff. A lot of this post is inspire by my previous post, What your knitter friend wants you to know. Now I’ve told you what she wants you to know, let me tell you what gifts she’d love to get. I really hope my friends and family read this…

I’m going to try not to repeat myself from the post linked above, but please don’t buy her yarn. She probably does have a huge yarn stash, but she’s self-conscious about it, and gets grief from anyone she shares living space with. Not to mention, she would like to at least pretend that all the yarn she has is associated with a project, so she feels a little sad for orphaned yarn.

And I’ve already told you not to buy her needles, so what CAN you buy her?


Knitting books

BUT only if there’s a twist, don’t just buy her any old book. Here are my suggestions:

Does she really love history and vikings?

Classic literature?

Whimsy and fairies?

Maybe that’s all a bit twee, so try:

Anticraft: knitting for the slightly sinister

Knits for Nerds

Vampire Knits

And pretty much any of the ones suggested as related books on those Amazon links, they’re all fun.

But what if she’s already got a lot of books, and you don’t want to risk buying her something she already has? Allow me to let you in on a secret: the following things are items that knitters can NEVER have too many of, so give freely!

The Knit Kit

Just look at this wonderful thing.


As a fuss-free knitter, this seems like a special bit of magic to me. The scissors are TSA compliant!! That means you can take them on a plane and have a reasonable argument when the security people pull you aside and ask WTF is in your bag. And there’s a needle gauge!

She already has one, so what else?

Project Bags


Remember in my earlier post I talked about the number of projects she has on the go at any one time? Each one of those needs a bag to live in to keep it safe. Think about the sort of bag which might tempt her, the ones above are from Knit Picks, they are pretty awesome because they are clear and she can see what’s going on in there. However, they have zips, and zips are one of the mortal enemies of yarn.

I really like the drawstring bags, there are literally a million available on Etsy, with pretty much any theme you can imagine. I recently bought one with a yarn bath print, a hobbit one, and an Avengers one! These are good for smaller projects, like a pair of socks or a toy. If she knits sweaters or blankets, you might want to consider a bigger bag, this unicorn one is pretty awesome.

Little Bits

How about some stocking-fillers, or something cheap for your secret-Santa recipient? I’ll let you into a secret: knitters have a small obsession with little boxes and tins. We have tiny stitch markers, needle tips, safety pins, darning needles, etc, and they need to be kept together in our project bags. I keep mine in an empty tin that used to be full of green tea mints from Trader Joe’s…


I like this tin because it has a clear panel, so I can easily see what’s in it. It’s also hinged, so less chance of losing a loose lid, and it’s a lot easier to open than some of those novelty mint tins I’ve tried.


You could also consider some cute stitch markers, a friend bought me some cute sushi ones!


Anything else?

You need more ideas?? Fine, go on Etsy, search for something she wears, plus ‘knitting’, like knitting earrings, knitting bag charms, or knitting pins, and you’ll find some really beautiful things! And you can sleep safe and smug in the knowledge that your hard-earned pennies are going to a skilled crafter, making gifts for other skilled crafters!


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