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School finishes WHEN?! 13 quick and easy knits for the teachers helping raise your children!

Published May 29, 2018 by Ellie

I do the same every year: it’s January and I’m keeping up with lost hats, scarves, and gloves, I wake up and it’s the end of May. In our school district we have two weeks of regular Middle School left before study leave and finals. Add to that orchestra concerts, end of year month-long project completions, field day, graduation ceremonies and parties, and obviously my very last shred of sanity, and we have a few weeks of clinging on to my Google calendar for dear life, yet still missing key events.

“Isn’t your math state field test tomorrow?” I ask over dinner, excited by the feeling of my head temporarily being above water.
“No, it was yesterday.”

Excellent. A+ for this semester, Mama.

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Always back up your work, especially if you’re going to the zoo!

Published October 5, 2017 by Ellie

20160705_173722.jpgImagine you were playing your favourite game (Candy Crush, a crossword, Pokémon, that jigsaw that took you ages) and you’d put in about 40 hours. Then something happens which was either preventable or something you know you ought to have prepared for (a power cut, phone fell in the bath, earthquake) and you lost that whole game, all the progress, plus another 40 hours you had yet to do.

I lost a knitting project at the zoo a year ago, about 40 hours in, probably 40 to go.

It was a fugly project, but was a nice balance of challenging yet rewarding. The yarn was an interesting one, reclaimed Nepalese silk. It had really short colour changes and looked muddy knit in stockinette, so after some swatches, I settled on entrelac to help it pool and really bring out the jewel tones. I planned to make a rectangle, try felting it, and sew the results together to make a simple (fugly but beloved) messenger style bag.

It fell or was taken out of my bag that I know I ought to close properly, especially after having my purse stolen that way a few years ago. I don’t learn, it’s one of my issues.

I called the zoo and sent over pictures of a similar project bag, but nothing was handed in. I’m under no illusions, it probably ended up straight in a trash can, but I was hopeful! I’ve even done it since, though with happier results, one project was even kept in a safe overnight after I explained how important it was! Totally justified, I feel, even if it’s only valuable to me.

Please keep an eye on your treasures, especially things like projects that you take everywhere! I’m hoping I won’t do it again, but let’s be honest, I will…